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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

A Civil War reenactor finds it difficult to separate his mundane daily life with his heroic life as a Confederate officer on the mock battlefield. Meek Charlie Schultz prefers the persona of aristocratic Simon Culpeper, captain of the 15th Artillery Battery and caretaker of the glorious cannon, Betsy Sue.

The Anachronist explores the effect Charlie's passion has on his career and family, sometimes to bizarrely humorous results.

"I absolutely loved The Anachronist. The descriptive narrative is exceptional and totally transports you into the complex world of Charlie Schultz and his alter ego, Simon Culpeper. The humor is exceptional throughout, but if you look deeper, there is more to the story than laughter. There are some powerful messages too." Lesley Jones, Reader's Favorite

"An excellent, well-written piece with elements of love, hate, sadness, sorrow, action, drama, passion, and laughter-a very pleasing book to read, with a surprise ending. I hope there is a sequel." Christopher Anderson

"The dialogue is laden with dark humor that I found extremely funny. I had a blast reading The Anachronist and gobbled it up in one sitting." Pikasho Deka

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