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Okay, once again I blew it and decided obesity was preferable to lowering blood pressure and risk to my health. Fortunately, I got one of those epiphanies, or was it just something to do during the Covid crisis. I decided to try and get back to my football playing weight in high school and college, which means about fifty pounds. At 83, it isn't that simple. In three months I've struggled to drop 23 pounds. It's been mild torture. Why? Because I chose that really boring but simple, delivered to your door, Nutrisystem. What makes it torture is the fact that one goes from being a self appointed foodie to very dull prepared meals.

For the uninitiated, Nutrisystem provides a plan where you can either take what they send you or order ala carte. The food is either frozen or unfrozen. You get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, plus you add vegetables and fruit that are acceptable. The first of my three months, I ordered some of just about everything. The last two months, I pretty much limited all my meals to frozen foods, with a couple of exceptions at breakfast and lunch, I could tolerate the pizza as long as I added more cheese, turkey pepperoni, and green peppers to it. The turkey, chicken Parmesan, Salsbury steak, and mushroom Bolognese, and meatloaf sandwich were the only other entrees I could tolerate. For lunch mostly the chicken sandwich and hamburger, for breakfast, waffles, pancakes, and the sausage/egg sandwich, with a couple of cereals. All that being said, I'm bored silly with three days to go. I'm switching now to keto in hopes that at least I'll be able to cook and be creative once more, one of the joys of my life. Some people like the food at Nutrisystem. They probably like McDonalds and the slop served at hash houses as well. Yes, it works, but I've tried it before, as well as Jenny Craig and I've always gone back to bad habits. What I have going for me now is the discipline to continue. Once I arrive at my goal, I'm going to stay there. I know, that's what I said last time.

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