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Here we meet a plethora of fascinating and satirized characters-writers, painters, critics, even synchronized Olympic swimmers. It's all something to behold. I enjoyed every paragraph. Particularly engaging is Michael's personal development from a shy, average music major as a pickle jar piano player in an Italian restaurant to a responsible, caring professional man. He has a lot going on but remains mostly in background roles rather than starring ones. He describes himself as a "second rate accompanist of talented women and a factotum in the studio doing the bidding of my superiors." But, boy, does he have an eye for what's happening around him! Besides the hilarious Sunday salon meetings that finally end sensationally, we trace Michael's love life with beautiful opera prima donnas and one extremely hush-hush paramour. Refreshing, titillating, smart, Sundays at Simone's by Thomas Bauer is not to be missed.

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